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MQA/PA 15984

About the course

Machine vision means the machine with a vision function, which facilitates the inspection, judgment, recognition, measurement and positioning, etc. Typically, machine vision systems comprise light source, shot, camera, image processing hardware and software and EU (execution unit). Machine vision Engineering programme covers optics, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer hardware and software, which covers the field of image processing, pattern recognition, AI, opto-mechatronics, etc. In recent years, the rapid development of image processing and AI has greatly promoted machine vision.

Year 1

Applied Physics
Applied Programming 1
Applied Programming 2
Circuit Theory
Digital Electronics
Engineering Mathematics 1
Engineering Mathematics 2
Engineering Mathematics 3
Electrical and Electronic Principles
Engineering Design and Problem Solving
Principles of Optics
Technical English
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1/Philosophy and Current Issues

Work-Based Learning

Engineering Drawing and Computer-Aided Design
Industrial Automation and Robotics

Year 2

Digital Image Processing
Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship
Engineers, Environment, Society and Governance
Embedded Systems
Industrial Safety and Quality
Internet of Things
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Community Services
Personal Development/Bahasa Melayu 1

Work-Based Learning

Final Year Project 1
Final Year Project 2
Fundamental of Integrated Product Development
Image Acquisition Systems
Machine Vision

Year 3

Industrial Training

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