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Scholarship Opportunities

One of the objectives of ViTrox College is to provide affordable and relevant programs for all, giving everyone a chance to pursue higher education.

To achieve this, we offer two types of scholarships that are easily applicable to all students, which are our Merit Scholarship and ViTrox Scholarship.

Merit Scholarship

Merit Scholarship

Instead of focusing on and rewarding to only A scores, our Merit Scholarship provides equal and fair education opportunities by considering your overall holding results.

Your eligible scholarship will be based on your academic points, below is a quick overview:

ViTrox College - Merit Scholarship

Interested to know how much discount you are entitled? Contact us today and we will calculate for you right away!

ViTrox Scholarship

Need-Based Scholarship

The scholarship, supported and sponsored by ViTrox Foundation, serves as a financial aid for the underprivileged (low-income financial standing, handicapped/ differently abled, rural areas, etc).

To be eligible for this scholarship:

  1. Applicant has to be a Malaysian student.

  2. Household income, not more than RM 5,000 per month (equivalent to RM 60,000 annualized, parents’ 2 years tax return/ BE Form must be attached*).

  3. Applicants with achievements or participation in extracurricular activities, and OKU individuals are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.

  4. All shortlisted candidates will need to go through an interview.

Important Note

Recipients of ViTrox Scholarship will be required to serve an employment bond with ViTrox Group of Companies, upon successful completion of the undergraduate programme.


Payout (confirmed) for every successful registration (1% of tuition fee)

  • The allowance be paid to the introducer once the new student has paid the tuition fee or when the ANY loan is received in the second semester.  

  • The new student can only be introduced by one (1) introducer.

  • The introducer will be notified once the allowance has been paid via online transaction/ cheque.

ViTrox Foundation Financial Assistance Scheme

This financial assistance is not given to reward academic excellence but to encourage and assist needy and academically capable students to continue and complete their tertiary education at ViTrox College.

To be eligible for this scholarship:

  • The applicant must be a Malaysian student pursuing a full-time MQA Accreditated Programme at ViTrox College.

  • Interest-free loan. However, there will be an imposed interest on late payments.

  • Need (2) guarantors.

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