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ViTrox College Principal - Low Chee Kong (Janaka)


Dr. Janaka Low Chee Kong

PhD. in Management (USM)
MBA in General Management (University of Bath,UK)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (UTM)

PSMB HRDF Certified Trainer

Teaching Experience Since 2013

Industry Experience Since 1992

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ViTrox College Lecturer - Koay Loke Kean

Academic Head

Ir. Dr. Koay Loke Kean

PhD. in Mechanical Engineering (Automatic Control and Mechanical Design) (USM)
BSc. in Mechanical Engineering (First Class Honor) (USM)
Professional Engineer (BEM, Ir)
Member of IEM (MIEM)
TRIZ Instructor (Certified Trainer, MaTRIZ)
PSMB HRDF Certified Trainer
Member (AIBPM)
Teaching Experience Since 2012
Industry Experience Since 2009

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ViTrox College Lecturer - Lim Sheue Hui

Head of School
Head of Program -  Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr. Lim Sheue Hui (Shalyn)

EdD. in Science Education (USM)
MSc. in Electronic Systems Design Engineering (USM)
BEng. (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic (University of Nottingham) 

Graduate Engineer (BEM)
Senior Graduate (IEM)
Graduate Technologist (MBOT)
Certified Officer In Quality Assurance of Higher Education
PSMB HRDF Certified Trainer

Member (AIPBM)
Teaching Experience Since 2009
Industry Experience Since 2005

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ViTrox College Lecturer - Goh Chin Ho

Head of Program

Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering

Mr. Goh Chin Ho

MSc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (USM)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons) (UTHM)
Graduate Engineer (BEM)

Teaching Experience Since 2014
Industry Experience Since 2010 - 2013


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ViTrox College Lecturer - Vernoon Ang Wei Neng

Senior Lecturer

WBL Coordinator

Dr. Vernoon Ang Wei Neng

PhD. in Mechatronics Engineering (UniMAP)
BSc. in Mechatronics Engineering (UniMAP)
Graduate Engineer (BEM)
Teaching Experience Since 2022
Industry Experience Since 2021

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ViTrox College Lecturer - Chee Ka Chin

Senior Lecturer

Mr. Chee Ka Chin

BEng. in Electronics (Telecommunication) (UNIMAS)
Graduate Engineer (BEM)
Teaching Experience Since 2023
Industry Experience Since 2022

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