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Work Based
Learning (WBL)

We are a college that is attached to a manufacturing company that caters to real-world needs. 


Work-based learning (WBL) provides students hands-on experience with industry partners. Students will gain real-world, practical learning experiences from engineer experts themselves. By combining theoretical lessons, students will be ready to take on the real working world.

Engineering Social Skills

Enhancing our students’ communication, collaboration and professionals soft skills for successful teamwork in technical environments.

Hands-on Learning

Work Based Learning prepares students for their work in the future by implementing up-to-date technical skills needed.

Clearer Career Understanding

Enabling our students to apply their knowledge gained in classroom learning to real-work application — “learning” to “doing”.

Best of Both Worlds

Offering students practical skills and theoretical knowledge for industry, while providing employers with access to a pool of experienced professionals.

Solve Real-World Problems
by reading and memorising?

Solve Real World Problem


"Not short of investments, but of skilled workers"

ViTrox College offers work-based learning diploma and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses. Its foundation is driven by real-world learning experiences and motivated by a lifelong interest in technology innovation and people competencies.


“Although it is MQA accredited, we are running it very differently. It is work-based and problem-based learning, with a lot of hands-on activities on solving real-world industrial problems together with engineers and technicians. Our lecturers are full-time, fully qualified and experienced. They have years of relevant experience in the fields,” says Chu.

ViTrox CEO Chu Jenn Weng

It's never too late to


Whether it is from tertiary programmes or continuous adult learning, we are here for you

ViTrox College engineering students learn about machine vision machine
Students are dealing with machine for work-based learning
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