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About Us

Our Background

In this knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy, education broadens our minds and enhances our understanding of the surrounding world. As times have changed, the ways we teach and educate have to undergo paradigm shift to align with the progressive society.


ViTrox College is dedicated to providing industry-centric, inspiring and inclusive education with a strong emphasis on an engaging and practical learning environment.


We transform and connect classroom learning to real-world application through the integration of the theory of “learning” and practical application of “doing”. 


Our undergraduate programs' curriculum and courses are meticulously crafted in collaboration with the industries to ensure that our students receive an education that is tailored to meet the needs and demands of the contemporary job market.

Students will learn constructive knowledge and skills, meanwhile, solve industry problems like real engineers. We nurture and nourish our graduates to be competent, compassionate, visionary, and entrepreneurial.

Work-Based Learning 

ViTrox College's experienced engineer
The Importance of Connecting Classroom Learning to the Real World.

The current educational landscape is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach where students were required to sit through the classes and listen passively without any questions. Today, we are driven by the power of diverse educational possibilities and connectivity.

Learning should be a catalyst for creativity, imagination, and the pursuit of knowledge. Integrating real-world industry practices and connections into students’ learning helps them understand the practical significance of their academic pursuits beyond the classroom.


Real-life applications of knowledge and skills provide students with invaluable insights and experiences, particularly in the dynamic, globalized, and culturally diverse economy of today. Work-Based Learning (WBL) acknowledges the fact that employers seek more than technical proficiency; it fosters a passion for innovation while enabling students to develop a holistic understanding of their field.

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