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Cooperation with UWC Berhad

UWC Berhad , a large engineering company in Batu Kawan, Penang, hosted about 20 students and parents for a plant tour. The General Manager, Ms Ng Sze Yen, made a comprehensive presentation about this dynamic company. These students, who have left high school at about 17-19, will be doing a TVET-SLDN program in cooperation with ViTrox College.

This is an Academy in Industry (Aii) program where the young students will work 4 days in the factory and study 1 day a week at ViTrox College. They will work and study in the “Industrial Automation” program, also known as Mechatronics. This is a one-year program where, upon completion, the student will be awarded an SKM level 3 certificate.

The student will be given a monthly allowance to support their living cost. Midway through the program, if the student shows promising results in their study and performs well with their work, the company will convert them into a full-fledged UWC staff, which also comes with an increment. UWC will continue to provide scholarships to them to further their study in the Diploma if the student shows his or her determination for success. The company wishes to develop these students into competent and reliable leaders for the company.

The program for this 1st batch of students will commence on March 15, 2024. This also marks the beginning of the cooperation between UWC Holding and ViTrox College for a long-term education program to develop technical skill talent for the company.

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