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ViTrox College's Engineering Student Secures First Place in 'Sustainability' at Tech4Good Challenge!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In a spectacular triumph at the Tech4Good Challenge, a trio of brilliant engineering students from ViTrox College—Ang Wai Loon, Lee Yong Lun, and Heah Jian Yan—captured the top honors in the 'Sustainability' track on July 8, 2023, in Batu Kawan, Penang. Their exceptional project, the "Coconut Windmill Project," soared above the competition, earning them a coveted first-place finish.

Guided by the dedicated mentorship of Dr. Vernoon Ang Wei Neng and advisor Dr. Bugs Tan Yeow Kiang, this remarkable team, collectively known as "Team Emergency Food," not only made a significant impact but also secured a well-deserved cash prize of RM3,000, accompanied by prestigious medals and certificates of achievement.

The "Coconut Windmill Project" is a visionary initiative meticulously crafted to address the persistent electricity challenges faced by rural coastal communities in Malaysia while championing environmental sustainability. Leveraging the bountiful presence of coconut trees in these regions, the project ingeniously harnesses wind energy by installing wind turbines atop these trees. This innovative approach not only resolves the electricity crisis but also harnesses a readily available, renewable resource, contributing to the preservation of our environment.

Reflecting on their remarkable achievement, "Team Emergency Food" shared their elation: "Our journey in the Tech4Good Challenge was driven by a shared vision of creating positive change and sustainability in our communities. Winning first place in the 'Sustainability' track was an affirmation of our unwavering dedication and innovative spirit. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our mentor, Dr. Vernoon Ang Wei Neng, and advisor, Dr. Bugs Tan Yeow Kiang, for their invaluable guidance throughout this extraordinary journey. This victory fuels our passion to continue pushing the boundaries of sustainable engineering, shaping a greener and brighter future for all."

The Tech4Good Challenge, a collaborative endeavor by ViTrox Technologies Sdn Bhd, ViTrox Academy, and UTAR, featured three distinct track categories: "Well-Being," "Agriculture," and "Sustainability." "Team Emergency Food's" outstanding success in the 'Sustainability' track underscores the transformative potential of innovation and sustainable engineering in addressing real-world challenges and enhancing the quality of life for communities.


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