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(N/0788/4/0001) 08/2027 (MQA/PA15976)

About the course

Mechanical is a branch of engineering which focuses on designing a component, machine, process, or system with the fundamental knowledge of force, energy, and motion. Mechanical Engineers are the group of people who design a car's engine, the air conditioner's compressor, or the maneuver arm's mechanism. Mechatronics Engineering is a specialized combination of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering. It is a combination of principles in mechanics, electronics, and computing. Mechatronics is a branch of engineering that aims to improve technical systems with added artificial intelligence like autonomous vehicles, auto-braking systems, and even autofocus cameras. In short, Mechatronics Engineer is a profession to make any existing systems smarter.

Career Paths

By entering this course, you'll  have the opportunities to work as:

  • Equipment Technician

  • Assembly/ Installation Technician

  • Failure Analysis (FA) Technician

  • Project Assistant

  • Computer-aided Design (CAD) Technician

  • Technical Sale Executive

  • Automation Technician

  • Production Technician

  • Milling Technician

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