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(N/0613/4/0032) 11/2028 (MQA/PA16867)

About the course

Computer Science program at ViTrox College is a comprehensive  and industry-focused educational offering, designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge and practical skills for a successful career in computer science. This two-year program covers a wide range of subjects, including core computer science courses, Discrete Mathematics, Operating Systems, System Analysis & Design, Programming language i.e.: C++, Python and Java, Relational database management, web client side scripting, Industry-Relevant courses and etc. 

Year 1

Bahasa Melayu 1 / Personal Development

Programming & Problem Solving

Basic Algebra


Fundamental of User Experience Design

Technical English

Discrete Mathematics

Kursus Integriti dan Antirasuah

Data Communication and Networking

Object-Oriented Programming

Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

System Analysis & Design

Computer Organisation & Architecture

Entrepreneurship & Technopreneurship

Operating Systems

Software Engineering

Probability and Statistics
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 / Philosophy and Current Issue

Fundamentals of Calculus

Year 2

Elective Courses

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Fundamentals of Mobile Application 

Fundamentals of Web Programming

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (WBL)

Fundamentals of Data Science (WBL)

Work-Based Learning

Date Structure

Work-Based Learning

Final Year Project 1

Final Year Project 2


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