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Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning
for Credit Award (APEL.C)

What is APEL ?

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) allows persons who lack formal education to harness their experience for career advancement. 

The methodical approach finds, documents, and evaluates earlier experiential learning in terms of knowledge, abilities, and attitudes. This indicates how far an individual has progressed towards their aim of gaining entrance to a programme of study and/or receiving credit.

What is APEL.C 

APEL.C, or Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit, is a program offered by ViTrox College that allows students to receive credits for their prior experiential learning. It recognizes the knowledge and skills gained through informal and non-formal learning experiences and assesses their alignment with the learning outcomes of specific courses in ViTrox College accredited programs. APEL.C provides a mechanism for students to gain credit recognition based on their learning achievements, supporting their progression in their chosen academic pathways.

Benefits of APEL.C

Benefits of APEL.C

Recognition of Prior Learning

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APEL.C acknowledges and values the knowledge and skills acquired through prior experiential learning, providing an opportunity for individuals to receive formal recognition for their learning achievements.

Flexibility in Education

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APEL.C offers flexibility in education by accommodating diverse learning pathways. It recognizes that learning can occur outside traditional academic settings and promotes inclusivity by acknowledging the value of experiential learning.

Credit Transfer

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APEL.C allows students to receive credits that can be transferred towards specific courses in an accredited program. This can reduce the time and cost required to complete a degree or qualification.

Cost Savings

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APEL.C can result in cost savings for students as they can potentially complete their studies in a shorter time frame and other related expenses.

Accelerated Degree Completion

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By receiving credits through APEL.C, students can expedite their degree completion, enabling them to enter the workforce or pursue further education sooner.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

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APEL.C enhances career opportunities by validating and documenting individuals' skills and knowledge acquired through work experience or other non-formal learning settings. 

Who can apply ? / Eligibility / Requirements

APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) is typically open to individuals who meet certain criteria and wish to have their prior learning assessed for academic credit or qualification. While the specific eligibility requirements may vary depending on the institution or program, generally the following individuals can apply for APEL:

  • Adult Learners: APEL is often designed to cater to adult learners who have acquired knowledge and skills through work experience, training programs, or other non-formal learning settings.

  • Working Professionals: Individuals who have gained substantial work experience in a relevant field and wish to obtain formal recognition for their skills and knowledge can apply for APEL.

  • Career Changers: Individuals who are transitioning into a new field or industry and have relevant prior learning experiences can apply for APEL to have their skills and knowledge recognized in their new academic pursuits.

  • Non-Traditional Learners: APEL is beneficial for those who have obtained learning experiences through non-traditional pathways such as self-study, volunteering, community involvement, or personal projects.

  • Lifelong Learners: APEL is suitable for individuals who have engaged in continuous learning outside of traditional educational institutions and want to convert their experiential learning into academic credits or qualifications.

It's important to note that the specific eligibility criteria and application process may vary depending on the institution and program. Therefore, interested individuals should consult the respective APEL guidelines and policies of the institution they intend to apply to for detailed information on eligibility requirements and the application process.

Who can apply?

Application Process

ViTrox College have a dedicated team from APEL Center who are more than happy to guide the applicants before, during and after the application of APEL.C. Feel free to contact us!

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Application Process


Pre-Application Fees (RM100) + Application Fees (RM100) + Assessment Fees (RM200) + Award of Credit Fees (RM250) = Total Fees (RM650) per Course


Appeal Fees (RM100)


  1. To process all applications, a non-refundable application fee of RM250 per module is mandatory.

  2. The Credit Transfer (Exemption) fee of RM500 will only be incurred once the APEL.C assessment is successfully passed.

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